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Saturday, May 12, 2012



I wake up to it each morning.... with the intention of loving, serving.

Hugs, kindness and the day goes on.

At the end of the day .... the same hugs, kisses. Kindness comes and goes.

Do they know my heart? Do they know how much I love them, how frail I am? How I MUST walk with Jesus or I am not the mother I should be?

Thirteen years ago next month ... thirteen years ago? ... they layed this tiny infant in my arms. Oh, how he cried! I whispered sweetness in his ears... close to my face... and he calmed.

That moment I knew... I was a mother .... his mother.

What a feeling! What joy! What responsibility!

I am blessed. I need that reminder.

Even now, as I write ... interruptions, noise, uproars, frustrations. My heart beats faster. I want to go away to a quiet place ... the bathroom?

I am their example. God, please give me your love! your heart! your wisdom!

I am their momma and just like that first day, I want to draw them close and whisper sweetness in to their lives. They start to pull away at this age. Oh that they were babies again and I could start over! Maybe I could do it better, show them better.

I start from today. Each morning. "His mercies are new every morning". I go on ... praying, loving, praying again.

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