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Friday, May 11, 2012

What is in a Name?

Certain things define us.

Styles we like, where we might live, our behaviour or lack there of .....

From the time I was young, I knew that my name meant "Full of Grace, Mercy and Prayer". Some books vary it a little and say "Graceful One".

Friends call me by name...Family also... It's what I've come to be known by.

When I introduce myself, I use that name.

Do I live up to that name?

Another name defines me....


The name means "Christ Follower".

Am I known by that? When my friends .... family..... look at me, do they see that?

What about the world? I might be saved and on my way to heaven, but does the world SEE that I'm a  .... Christian?

What defines ME ?

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